Walter Rohrl
Nationality Germany German
Debut Rally 1973 Monte Carlo Rally
Last Rally (if applicable) 1987 Acropolis Rally
Date of Birth March 7 1947
First Win/Best Finish 1975 Acropolis Rally
Wins 14
Championships 2
Official Website Unknown

Walter Röhrl (born 7 March 1947 in Regensburg) is a German rally and auto racing driver, with victories for Fiat, Opel, Lancia and Audi as well as Porsche, Ford and BMW.

Röhrl grew up as the youngest of three children of a stonemason on in Regensburg. His parents separated when Walter Röhrl was ten years old. From then on he lived with his mother. After leaving school he completed a commercial education at Bishop's Ordinariate Regensburg. At the age of 16, Röhrl began working for the commercial director of a company that legally represented the Bishop of Regensburg along with 6 further Bishops in Bavaria, and skied in his spare time. In time he became a qualified ski instructor and a keen driver, and became the chauffeur to the commercial director, covering up to 120,000 kilometres annually. Some unqualified reports have stated he was once the Bishop's own driver, but this has been acknowledged as untrue. Having also now been active in sports like skiing, Röhrl was invited to drive his first rally in 1968.

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