Subaru Rally Car

The New Subaru Impreza 2008

Subaru World Rally Team (1980-2008) was one of the longest running teams in the field. Subaru was forced to withdraw from the 2009 championship due to economic downturn. It's 2008 drivers were Petter Solberg, Jonas Andromeda and Chris Atkinson.

Results Edit

(since 2000)

2008 3rd place 98 pts

2007 3rd place 87 pts

2006 3rd place 106 pts

2005 4th place 97 pts

2004 3rd place 122 pts

2003 3rd place 109 pts

2002 3rd place 67 pts

2001 4th place 66 pts

2000 3rd place 88 pts

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