Penny Durban Mallory (born 1966) was the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car, a rally car specification introduced in 1997.

Mallory became National Ladies Champion Rally Driver in 1993 and went on to be one of the UK’s top rally drivers. Prior to that, she was a graphic designer.

She also worked as a precision stunt driver, playing both ‘Papa and Nicole’ in one of the famous Renault Clio commercials.

Mallory is also a television presenter; she co-anchored Channel 4's motoring programme Driven alongside Mike Brewer and Jason Plato and Accident Black Spot. She also co-hosted with Jason Dawe on the Used Car Roadshow, which is broadcast on ITV4 and Men & Motors. She presented "Classic Car Club" for Discovery with Edd China, Tony Mason and Alex Riley. She also co-presented Channel 4's World Rally Championship programme until it was taken over by ITV in 2004. Mallory used to run her own bed and breakfast.

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