Season Driver Name Manufacturer
1979 Sweden Hans Thorszelius Ford/Mercedes
1980 Germany Christian Geistdorfer Fiat
1981 United Kingdom David Richards Ford
1982 Germany Christian Geistdorfer Opel
1983 Sweden Arne Hertz Audi
1984 Sweden Bjorn Cederberg Audi
1985 Finland Seppo Harjanne Peugeot
1986 Finland Juha Piironen Peugeot
1987 Finland Juha Piironen Lancia
1988 Italy Tiziano Siveiro Lancia
1989 Italy Tiziano Siveiro Lancia
1990 Spain Luis Moya Toyota
1991 Finland Juha Piironen Toyota
1992 Spain Luis Moya Toyota
1993 Finland Juha Piironen Toyota
1994 France Bernard Occelli Toyota
1995 United Kingdom Derek Ringer Subaru
1996 Finland Seppo Harjanne Mitsubishi
1997 Finland Seppo Harjanne Mitsubishi
1998 Finland Risto Mannisenmäki Mitsubishi
1999 Finland Risto Mannisenmäki Mitsubishi
2000 Finland Timo Rautiainen Peugeot
2001 United Kingdom Robert Reid Subaru
2002 Finland Timo Rautiainen Peugeot
2003 United Kingdom Phil Mills Subaru
2004 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2005 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2006 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2007 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2008 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2009 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2010 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2011 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2012 Monaco Daniel Elena Citroen
2013 France Julien Ingrassia Volkswagen
2014 France Julien Ingrassia Volkswagen

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