Lars-Erik Torph (January 11, 1961 – January 23, 1989) was a Swedish rally driver. He debuted in the World Rally Championship in 1980 and took his first points at his home event, the Swedish Rally, in 1984. Driving a Toyota Celica TCT, a Toyota Supra 3.0i and an Audi Coupé Quattro, he went on to finish on the podium four times. After just turning 28, Torph and his co-driver Bertil-Rune Rehnfeldt died while spectating the 1989 Monte Carlo Rally, after Lancia driver Alex Fiorio lost control of his Delta Integrale and crashed into them.

Lars-Erik Torph is the only driver to date to die at the Monte Carlo Rally and he wasn't even driving.


The 'Lars-Erik Torph Memorial' is named after Lars-Erik Torph, starting in his birthplace of Säffle, and he is one of the many fallen rally drivers to be honoured in this way.

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