The JWRC is the lower step of the WRC Championship between national class and the top flight WRC cars. They drive in Super 1600 cars. Sadly, this year only 9 drivers signed up for the 2009 Championship with Irish star Ross Forde coming in for the opening round the season, Rally Ireland. The entry list are as follows:

No. Driver Car

31 Aaron Burkurt Suzuki Swift S1600

32 Michal Kosciuszko Suzuki Swift S1600

33 Simone Bertolotti Suzuki Swift S1600

34 Luca Griotti Renault Clio R3

35 Yoann Bonato Suzuki Swift Sport

36 Hans Weijs Jr Citroen C2 S1600

37 Kevin Abbring Renault Clio R3

38 Martin Prokop Citroen C2 S1600

39 Alessandro Bettega Renault Clio R3

The Results of the rounds are as follows:

2009 Rally Ireland Edit

1 Aaron Burkurt

2 Martin Prokop +47.3

3 Simone Bertolotti +9.00.1

4 Yoann Bonato +13.06.2

5 Kevin Abbring +17.38.0

6 Luca Griotti +27.08.4

2009 Cyprus Rally Edit

1 Martin Prokop

2 Michal Kosciuszko +1.36.8

3 Aaron Burkurt +19.48.9

2009 Rally de Portugal Edit

1 Michal Kosciuszko

2 Kevin Abbring +6.06.5

3 Hans Weijs Jr +9.22.7

4 Luca Griotti +15.10.9

5 Alessandro Bettega +26.44.5

6 Simone Bertolotti +42.00.3

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