Janusz Kulig (October 19, 1969 in Łapanów near Kraków – February 13, 2004 in Rzezawa near Bochnia, Poland) was a Polish rally driver. He started his career behind the wheel of a Polski Fiat 126p and during his early years in rally he also drove a Toyota Corolla, a Opel Kadett, and a Renault Clio. Kulig died in an accident after his car (Fiat Stilo) collided with a train on a level crossing. He was active in the WRC from 1999-2003.

The Memoriał Janusza Kuliga i Mariana Bublewicza has been held since 2007, and named to commemorate Kulig and his compatriot Marian Bublewicz, who died in 1993.


  • Poland Jaroslaw Baran
  • Poland Dariusz Burkat
  • Poland Maciej Szczepaniak

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