The 1999 PWRC Season was the 13th in its history. Uruguayan Gustavo Trelles won his fourth consecutive title, the Tommi Makinen of his class as the Finn had also won four straight drivers' titles. Gustavo defeated Oman's Hamed Al-Wahaibi and Japan's Toshi Arai.


No. Rally Winner
1 Rallye Monte Carlo Belgium Marc Duez
2 International Swedish Rally Finland Jouko Puhakka
3 Safari Rally Kenya Oman Hamed Al-Wahaibi
4 TAP Rallye de Portugal Portugal Miguel Campos
5 Rallye Catalunya - Costa Brava Oman Hamed Al-Wahaibi
6 Tour de Corse - Rallye de France Uruguay Gustavo Trelles
7 Rally Argentina Uruguay Gustavo Trelles
8 Acropolis Rally Oman Hamed Al-Wahaibi
9 Rally New Zealand Uruguay Gustavo Trelles
10 Neste Rally Finland Finland Jouko Puhakka
11 555 China Rally Japan Toshi Arai
12 Rallye Sanremo - Rallye d'Italia Italy Gianluigi Galli
13 Telstra Rally Australia Japan Toshi Arai
14 Network Q Rally of Great Britain Peru Ramón Ferreyros


  1. Gustavo Trelles 69 pts
  2. Hamed Al-Wahaibi 53 pts
  3. Toshi Arai 29 pts
  4. Manfred Stohl 27 pts
  5. Jouko Puhakka 26 pts
  6. Ramón Ferreyros 24 pts
  7. Gianluigi Galli 14 pts
  8. Marc Duez 13 pts
  9. Miguel Campos 13 pts
  10. Jani Paasonen 13 pts
  11. Katsuhiko Taguchi 13 pts

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