The 1000 Lakes Rally (or Rally of Finland as it is known) is a gravel event based around the town of Jyvaskyla. The rally conatins lots of jumps(or yumps as they are known by Finnish drivers.) It is known as the gravel grand prix since it is the quickest rally in the championship with speeds averaging 90mph.

Only 4 non-scandivians have ever won the rally of Finland. They are Carlos Sainz in 1990, Didier Auriol in 1992, Markko Martin in 2003 and more recently, five-time world champion Sebastian Loeb won in 2008

800px-Rp2 subaru

Richard Burns in 2001

Winners Edit

Last 15 Years

2009 Mikko Hirvonen Ford Focus

2008 Sebastian Loeb Citroen C4

2007 Marcus Gronholm Ford Focus

2006 Marcus Gronholm Ford Focus

2005 Marcus Gronholm Peugeot 307

2004 Marcus Gronholm Peugoet 307

2003 Markko Martin Ford Focus

2002 Marcus Gronholm Peugoet 206

2001 Marcus Gronholm Peugoet 206

2000 Marcus Gronholm Peugoet 206

1999 Juha Kankkunen Subaru Impresa

1998 Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Lancer

1997 Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Lancer

1996 Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Lancer

1995 Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi Lancer

1994 Tommi Makinen Ford Escort RS